Sunday, 19 December 2010

Book Review: Guilty Pleasures-Laurell K. Hamiliton

About: Guilty Pleasures is the first book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, by Laurell K Hamilton. Hamilton has also written the Merry Gentry series, as well as other things. It also has a graphic novel series published by Marvel. Aimed at adults, it is an amazing mix of genres, bringing fantasy, horror and mystery together to make a novel for pretty much everyone.

Plot: Guilty Pleasures is set in a world where vampires are legal, lycanthropes are normal and round the corner, you can find your average zombie raising company. Anita Blake is one of these zombie raisers. She is also a vampire executioner, who prefers guns to the traditional stake and hammer. She visits a vampire strip club as part of preternatural police investigations (she’s part of that too) and meets French vampire Jean Claude. And now the vampires need her help- something is killing them in such a way the vampire is left dead permanently. Anita needs to find out who, or what, is the culprit, which leads to were-rats, a professional assassin, and memories from the past she really didn’t want to catch up with her.

Opinions: I think this is a brilliant book. I can relate to Anita’s sense of sarcastic humour. I like how the Anita Blake series portrays vampires and lycanthropes as the monsters they are, in the earlier books anyway, instead of just being something to love unconditionally, as in the Twilight series.  Anita’s world is a blood-stained world where bad things happen and you have to learn to work around and accept it, a feature absent from most vampire novels out there today.  However, the first time I read this, I found it a bit difficult to piece together the whole story: in guilty pleasures we learn a lot about Anita’s back-story, at different parts of her life. I’m not saying this is a  bad thing, but it was hard understanding like ok this happened, and then that did, oh no, I’ve just realised that that happened at a completely different time of her life.

In short
PlotParanormal is normal, and Anita Blake must try and sort out all kinds of paranormal crap going on around her.
CharactersThey're really believable, and I can easily relate to Anita.
ActionVampires + lycanthropes + powerful necromancer = big fight, lots of deaths, swords and shotguns
WritingFast paced, sarcasticly funny, something not to miss
WarningsSwearing, and graphic gory scenes. Vol. 6 onwards includes a lot of sex.
OverallYou should read this if you love reading paranormal or crime fiction, or are just looking for something else to read. 

Intro/About Me

Hello. I'm Nina and this blog is a collection of revies of the books I read.
Just to warn you though, the books I read tend to be a bit....gory...different...disturbing.....ect. But you probably guessed that from the blog title.
I like reading horror and manga. I like it even more if it is both. Some of my favourite books are the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, Death Note, Another Note by NisiOisiN, the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon  and  almost anything by Darren Shan. My favourite manga are Death Note, Vampire Knight, and Reiko the Zombie Shop.
However, its not all bad. I really like Fruits Basket, for instance, and those of you who have read it will find that pretty much the most violent thing that happens is one guy snaps pretty easily, gets in a bad mood and then picks a fight with anyone near him. I also enjoy the Jodi Piccoult books quite a lot.
But still, my reading taste tends to be violent, death,  zombies, ghosts, and vampires. But not sparkly ones.