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Book Review : Black Butler- Yana Tosobo

Black Butler, Vol. 1
About: Black Butler, also known as its original name Kuroshitsuji, is a manga series written by Yana Toboso. It was published in a shonen, or teen boy's, magazine in Japan, and some genres attatched to it are supernatural, mystery, action, dark fantasy and black humour. Yen Press translated it into english. Yana Tosobo has also written Rust Blaster. Kuroshitsuji has been adapted into an anime series, which you can watch here, or anywhere else. Just search for it. Currently there are only two volumes of this series, so you'll get further in the story line if you watch the anime.

Plot: Sebastian Michaelis is one hell of a butler.Twelve year old Ciel Phantomhive is the head of his family, an earl, the head of his family....and a boy who has sold his soul to his butler, a demon. After his parents were murdered, Ciel entered into an agreement where, after Sebastian has helped him get revenge on those who killed his parents, Sebastian may take his soul. Lovely. The first volume is mainly the housemaid, cook and gardener being totally useless, which all-talented Sebastian resolves. Set in Victorian times, their later adventures include kidnapping, hosting guests and investigating Jack the Ripper. Just your typical young Victorian boy and his butler.

Opinions:I must say this is one of my favourite mangas. I love originality of the concept. I like the setting, Victorian England, and how Black Butler is vaguely historically accurate. The characters arent particularly believable as real life characters, but they are well fleshed out with distinctive personalities, even if it can be hard to believe these comedy acts are in the same world Sebastian. The action doesnt really get going until halfway through, but when it does, it does so perfectly. The artwork is rendered beautifully, and ,considering this is a shounen(boy's) manga, the title character is incredibly sexy.
In short
PlotVictorian england adventure with one hell of a butler.
CharactersDistinctive and original characters
ActionSlow to begin with, then sprints halfway through
Warningsviolence, guns, extremely mild fanservice between Ciel, Sebatian and a chainsaw weilding death god
WritingFunny, but also with a darker side.
OverallOne hell of a manga


  1. Thanks for this! Definitely going on my wishlist... =D

  2. ^^Glad you like the look of this ;-)

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