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Book Review: Vampire Knight-Matsuri Hino

About:Vampire Knight is a shojo(girls) manga written by Matsuri Hino. Pre-Twilight, (first published in
January 2005, in Japan's Lala Magazine), this has been given many different labels, from teen girl and

romance to horror and tragedy. Matsuri Hino has also written the less well known Captive Hearts and Meri Puri. It was published by Viz Media, in 2006. It still retains the original right-to-left format of manga.

Plot: Cross academy: a school where vampires and humans coexist safely and peacefully...err...sort of. The girls in the Day class (humans) obsess over the boys in the night class (vampires). At twilight, as the night class walk from their dorm to the school building, the day class wait for them and try to show their affection. The only thing stopping the poor vamps getting stampeded is the Guardians of the school: Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu. Caught in the middle of a love triangle with zero and head vampire Kaname Kuran, Yuuki discovers that even at this safe haven, there are still secrets.

Opinions: It could be said that this is the Japanese version of Twilight, and to be quite honest it is. But in my opinion, its much better. There are quite often shocking, and at times disturbing, twists and turns in the story when you least expect it, and although there are strong elements of todays vampires(sexy,young looking, superpowers ect), theres a lot more to it. There's humour in Kaname's bitch slaps and the headmaster's demeanour, there's slight undercurrents of yaoi(if you dont know what that is, go look it up) and the authour sidebar notes and name explanations are a really nice touch. The sound effects are overused, which I think really breaks up the flow. A shame to ruin the incredibly detailed artwork. Also I find that at some point, the story is quite slow moving, and at some point, really action filled.
In short
PlotTwilight, with slightly more action and slightly gorier
CharactersWell developed, with disturbing relationships
ActionSometimes theres not much, sometimes theres loads.
WarningsSlight adult themes, a bit of gore every now and again
Writing & ArtWell written, beautiful drawings, shame about the sound effects
Very good, proves vampires dont have to sparkle to be sexy.

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