Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wishlist Wednesday 2

Ahh, so I've remembered to post my wishlist of books. This week anyway. Mainly books by visting authors that I need to read, and sequels to books I've read and liked. 
Flood and Fang (Raven Mysteries)1. Flood and Fang-The Raven Mysteries by Marcus Sedgwick. They looked seriously sweet sitting in a waterstones far away, but I've not got round to actually reading them. Which is pretty failed, because Sedgewick will be coming to my school at some point this year, talking to the book club, and all I've only read two books by him.

2. Death: At Death's Door by Jill Thompson and vaguely Neil Gaiman. I dont really like Neil Gaiman, as I find his books hard to follow and plotless. But my librarian has said that he's good, and I will try again with these books. I'm hoping this will help me like his books a bit more.
3. Alice in the Country of Hearts vol 5 by QuinRose. A continuation of QuinRose's parody of Alice in Wonderland, which features the mad hatter as the head of the mafia, the duchess as a man whose violin can change into a gun at will, and a punk cheshire cat. Enough said.

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 54. Hetalia Axis Powers by Hidekaze Himaruya. Set in World War 1, the countries are bundled into a single person based on Japanese stereotypes of said country. Completely different to what I'd normally read, but the review in the Neo magazine makes it look like something I don't want to miss.

Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1
Invincible: The Chronicles of Nick5. Invincible-Sherrilyn Kenyon. I read the first Chronicles of Nick (Infinity) as soon as it came out (and I have no idea why I havent done a review yet) and instantly wanted the next one. And now Kenyon posted the first chapter of Invincible, I want it even more.
6. Fallen Grace- Mary Hooper. Yes, again relating to the fact she's coming to my school and I've read pretty much nothing of hers. Judging by the tagline (Death can be haunting) and the blurb, this seems like it may be a little more my thing. Maybe, as I never really fully enjoyed her other books.

Fallen Grace

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