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Book Review: Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey

About: Jekel loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey is a romance book with bits of chemistry and paranormal thrown in.Houghton Mifflin Harcourt published it in 2010. It is a stand alone novel. Fantaskey has also written the popular Jessica's guide to Dating on the Dark Side.
Plot: 17 years of being the good girl. Jill Jekel has obeyed everything her parents told her. Including not opening that strange box in the study. But with her father brutally murdered and her college savings mysteriously disappeared, the only person she can really trust is Tristen Hyde. In a competiton where the prize is a scholarship that will pay for her education, Jekel and Hyde recreate the experiments from the novel Jekyll and Hyde. This ends up badly, and only gets worse when a taste of the formula on Tristan's lips brings out Jill's dark inner side.
Opinions: I thought this would be an absolutely brilliant book. The promise of a classics mutilated book with a romantic twist was too much for me to not be hyped up about. I ended up being slightly disappointed. The concept was amazing: Dr Jekyll was a real person who really created a split personality, Hyde, with a separate body, documenting all his notes as he went along. Both Jekyll and Hyde went on to have families, of which the present generation is Jill and Tristen. Tristen and Jill then go on to . its a shame Fantaskey didnt pull this off as well as she could have done. the character introductions were standard fare romance lovey dovey ones, without a real original twist. the characters themselves were slightly flat;Jill and Tristen are perfect stereotypical romance stars: the good virginal female and the tortured dark brooding male . In fact, all the characters were sort of boring and too typecast for my liking. The whole plotline is generally boring, but the scenes in the school laboratory were very interesting. either did her research, or is very good at inventing likely reactions for various chemicals. there is a lot of description in this, which depending on where you are in the book is a good or bad thing. the whole book is quite slow, only really picking up the pace at the end, by which time you may have given up.

In short
Plotrecreating the experiments of dr jekyll brings out a dark side in everyone
CharactersFlat boring and hard to connect with
ActionWhat action? Apart from the sciencey bit, nothing interesting actually happens
WarningsAttemted suicide, attempted rape, references to sex, kissing
WritingNicely descriptive, but quite slow
OverallGood formula, bad reaction

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